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1CARE Safeguard
Contactless kiosk for body temperature, hand-sanitizer, access control, and comprehensive audit trail.
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As a high complexity reference laboratory, 1CARE Medical Diagnostics provides expert solutions and products in the fields of testing, research and development and contract research. Our multifaceted services span from laboratory testing, such as health screening panels, cosmetic and pharma-grade product testing for purity, surface testing for contaminants, and community-based monitoring systems, to infection monitoring via wastewater testing, and more. We meticulously set up the right tests for our partners’ needs or practices. In these crucial times, we prove our capabilities not only by testing, but also by working hard to enable our partners to unlock possibilities for wide, accessible, and mobile testing platforms. We are proud to be one of the few California labs, and one of hundreds of labs nationwide who are qualified for SalivaDirectTM by Yale School of Public Health. This game-changing technology creates opportunities for screening and testing of large populations without the fear and discomfort of nasal swabbing. As a reference lab, we work very closely with our partners who supply samples to us. Become one of our partners today.


High Complexity Testing

1CARE Medical Diagnostics performs high complexity tests that highlight our clinical laboratory knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our test portfolio is comprehensive and is constantly growing, dedicated to achieving a common goalquality care for a quality life.

You can trust 1CARE Medical Diagnostics to test, and assess specimen samples accurately for our collection partners and other specimen providers. Partner with 1CARE Medical Diagnostics today.

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Research and Development

1CARE Medical Diagnostics delivers lab-based method development, which guarantees improved diagnostic testing, high-speed test method development, and lower-level detection capabilities.

Contract Research

We conduct research and consultancy services to support our partners with innovative development methods and good manufacturing practice for their products.

Device and Equipment

Minimize health risks and establish a COVID-free environment through 1CARE Safeguard Kiosks. These kiosks promote safe entry at facilities by detecting body temperatures and approving or denying entry based on those readings.

1CARE Safeguard offers two non-contact temperature monitoring kiosks to meet the budget and specific needs of each facility.

1CARE Safeguard Pro

Implement safety protocols with advanced precision and care.

1CARE Safeguard Standard

Setting the standard in automated building access control with rapid temperature readings.


As our specimen collection partner, you can choose from our broad spectrum of testing services.


All members of our well-trained staff treat each test with precision and meticulous care. Our management team is made up of experts who care about health and industry innovations for improved health outcomes.

The equipment we use is manufactured by trusted brands, and we stay up-to-date with all innovative technologies so we can bring you fast and reliable results. We are registered, accredited, and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-compliant.