Introducing 1CARE Safeguard Pro, a military-grade non-contact temperature monitoring kiosk that helps you provide the highest level of safety for your facility and the people inside.

For businesses that want the highest standard of safety during these trying times, this is the complete package. The touchless, automated, military-grade 1CARE Safeguard Pro kiosk is top-of-the-line technology in the fight to keep your business safe in the fight against COVID-19.

This kiosk helps you keep your business open by ensuring that your facility fully meets all of the relevant guidelines from the CDC, White House, and FDA. More than just a red light/green light, this is the first kiosk to offer both elevated body temperature (EBT) screening technology and an automated credentialing system for people entering your facility.

The 1CARE Safeguard Pro also delivers business value beyond the current pandemic. It has tools that will be crucial to the way things are done in the post-pandemic world, including check-in services, background checks, safety videos, health questionnaires, time keeping, remote mNDA agreements and more.

The 1CARE Safeguard Pro is the versatile kiosk your business needs to uphold the highest standard of on-site safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Advanced Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Screening
Use the highest quality and most accurate infrared camera system available. combined with a proprietary user interface and analytics system, to keep your business safe. The 1CARE Safeguard Pro uses advanced thermal sensors with fixed heat source calibration to perform highly accurate elevated body temperature detection to within 0.5

Touchless and Automated
Non-contact screening is complete within 5 seconds of entering the controlled area. Automated screenings comply with International Organization Standardization (ISO) guidelines.

Facial Recognition and Human Resources Integration
Integrate with your human resource management system (HRMS) to use advanced facial recognition technology for employee clock-in/out, payroll tracking, and visitor access. Robust hardware and cloud-based software give you real-time kiosk visibility for extra protection. Additional integration for RFID badge screening available. Personally identifiable information (PII) is protected at all times.

Cloud Based Cellular Connectivity
Stay up-to-date on health and safety in real-time with 24/7/365 system monitoring, software updates, data analytics, notifications, and trend analyses. Reduce IT support and eliminate ‘rogue’ network devices as the system uses cellular connectivity to link with a data management cloud.

Security and Anonymity
Kiosks are protected from hackers by being unidentifiable to other networks. This is achieved using a virtual private network (VPN) over a cellular network to connect the kiosk to the data management cloud. SSL mutual certificate authentication is also included as an extra security measure.

Contact Tracing
Easy contact tracing operates automatically through the kiosk’s time-card system in the event a COVID-19 diagnosis is detected on site. All arrivals and departures are recorded in the system, allowing management to quickly notify employees and take swift action on quarantine measures.

Made in the USA
Kiosks are 100% designed and manufactured in South Carolina, to military-grade standards.


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